Friday, 24 April 2009

A little find and a little too much information!

I am confident that this will not be my only post about my car booting love and experience. Yesterday we had a trip to a beautiful part of the world-Arundel, the castle, the views and on the way to our picnic a car boot sale. I was quite taken with a Wedgwood 18th century vase, but I tried to bring the seller down in price, but he would not back down. So I passed by...only to find the following painting. It is an original watercolour in a tatty frame. I really want to repaint the frame (hoping to do this weekend). But as charming the seller was, she proceeded to tell me about the painting, her mother's work, her mother's friends and how she could never be intimidated by famous people. Interesting and charmed, but alas too much information.


  1. I love this painting! Next time you go, can you ask her if her mother painted any more? :)

  2. I am so glad that you liked it. I just wonder through so many of my days thinking of you, what you would like and our book!


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