Saturday, 4 September 2010

Gathering Sticks

Today we were planning to have a family walk. Alas our trip into London for a friends party, used up what little energy we had left from a hectic start to a new term. Anyway on our walk we had the intention of gathering sticks for kindling. This idea was greeted with much enthusiasm as our girls love collecting sticks, leaves, feathers and flowers when outdoors. In the light of having no sticks today, I remembered this post about stick men by Savannah Miller for Vogue Online.


  1. Oh, oh I love the stick men. But will they get home to their stick lady loves in their stick family tree? L x

  2. They look so much like Chinese hieroglyphs. I think that's how the writing system is invented..

  3. Laughing out loud Laura.
    Love this amazing fact Ralph!


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