Monday, 25 July 2011

More Slow

With a sunshine start to the holidays and weekend, we have been making the most of seeing friends and being outdoors.  We have had far too many hypothetical scenarios talked about this weekend, which left me feeling unbalanced that change maybe coming...small changes yes, big changes feel so unsettling.  Naturally there is a part of me that loves change and adventure, but we were discussing leaving England for two years.  I love our home and the girls feel safe and familiar that I would like to stay in this country for now.  Would you pack up for two years, sell your house and live aboard with a 6 and 3 year old?
ps. Listening to Metronomy, Aimee Mann and The Horrors (esp. Still Life track)


  1. Me and my man talk alot about travelling with our kids and our dreams for the future (Ours are 2 and 4 yrs). ive often thought that by the time my eldest reaches 7 that would be a good age to go, as they are old enough to really benefit from the experience and can learn and adapt a little easier. If you love where you live could you not rent it out while you were away or do a house swap? Where are you thinking of going?
    and ps..Miffy books are the best!
    take care, lisa :)

  2. Lovely comment, it ultimately takes me a while to process things. It's lovely to hear about it being a 'dream' and not a burden. MIffy books are a real winner in this home. Lydia built her confidence up by practicing reading them.


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