Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas Clementines

Once again, you will find me being easily distracted, I will try to be more disciplined next year!  I should have been writing cards, sorting out the ironing and working through my to do list, which 3 out of 11 items have been crossed off.  But instead I was snapping away clementines on my newly acquired wooden chopping boards given to me, as they were no longer needed.


  1. love it! I'm always at my most creative when there are a tonne of other things to do! x

  2. I can't imagine anyone not needing those chopping boards! Lovely photos, I love clementines.

  3. Hey Lisa, you make a very good point!
    Agree, I was a little shocked when someone had heard I was after some wooden chopping and simply offered it, she said that she preferred the plastic ones for hygiene reasons!
    D x


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