Thursday, 12 January 2012

i gigi

Today I had to go back to Hove to try to resolve our paint drama...we ran out and the shops did too!  Alas it has been resolved by mixing brands!  So I snatched a few minutes and popped into my favourite shop and cafe i gigi.  It is an oasis of calm, muted colours and simple collections.  The vintage finds lend themselves to displaying new.  So I snapped away on my iphone, a rather discreet way of taking photos, although the owner had said that it would be fine.


  1. oh I used to love going to that shop, the window displays alone where always amazing, its like a little gallery of rustic french gorgeousness! Happy New Year to you x

  2. very cool photos on your blog - i like the direction you are taking (re: last post!).



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