Thursday, 23 February 2012

Harris and Jones

We still have boxes to sort in storage, yet I keep bleating on about pretty yet practical storage solutions.  All R can say is 'deal with it or I will' (he would happily bin everything).  Anyway I thought I would mention my box files and pen pot (not pictured) by a lovely British company called Harris and Jones.  The quality is first class, I bought a box file for a friend and she too loved it.  Anyway from the 22nd Feb -29th Feb is free (UK only I think) postage.


  1. Ah, just when I was thinking of boxes for next to my bed for all that 'unattractive' stuff I want on hand by my bed (bug spray, diary, hand cream etc.) These are lovely, hope you are having a brilliant week!

  2. I love the pink/fuchsia one!! I always go for it in the winter :)


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