Saturday, 3 March 2012


Today our precious L turned seven. Celebrating with L has been a very low keyed affair, but perfect! I love her more then in instantaneous moment of her birth. I am so proud of her. I learn so much from her, some lessons I care not to learn, but embark or this journey of ever learning and ever leaning towards.  I lean towards her, when she doesn't know how to come to me, when frustrated and in her overwhelming waves of emotions.  L, I love your compassion, kindness, quiteness, gentleness, and giggles. You are creative and spirtual. You love to run, ride your bike, make things, write away, watch your sister, play 'mum', collect what I'd love to discard, take photos, sing and play on the computer. You don't give much time to bossy people, tiding your room, television, eating crusts, make up or being centre stage. L long may you facinate me, capture my heart, cause me concern, be my everyday pray for you, bring tears to my eyes, forgive each other, love you unconditionally and make me laugh. I love you.


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