Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Walnut Story

Good afternoon, it has just dawned on me that it is only 6 weeks until Christmas!  C has once again woken three nights in a row, from bad dreams.  Also tomorrow night I have offered to host a pop up gift party for a friend of a friend, slightly regretting it now, as our refurbished lounge has... you guessed it, piles of boxes in it that I am trying to sort out....spare bedroom pile up I think is in order!  Meanwhile with two days of grey behind us, I made the most of our bowl of walnuts and sunlight.  My denby jugs are from ebay and a charity shop find, linen runner from a car boot sale and my chopping board was given to me by  an aunt who was having a clear out.


  1. 6 weeks help.............
    Love the colours in the photo's....perfect.

  2. Lovely colour palette.
    Those jugs are just beautiful.


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