Thursday, 21 March 2013

Summer Dress

Yesterday, granny popped over and helped me tidy up the girls bedroom and the spare room.  This resulted in the girls have finding lost purses, notebook, teddies, lego friends figures and this dress!  It was bought for C by a relative but it was too big and too summery so I stored it away!  C found it and insisted on wearing for the rest of the afternoon, not really concerned that the log burner was on, as it was particularly chilly yesterday! 

On a 'bright note' (thinking 'bright' as still yearning for the sun) it was lovely surprise to see so many new folks saying 'hi' and leaving lovely comments, thank you x


  1. Beautiful dress! It could be worn over a long sleeved tee with wooly tights and a cardi a la Granny Chic style to keep the cold out xxx

  2. Ah sweet she looks so pretty just need some warm sunshine now. x


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