Friday, 14 June 2013

Random Friday

Firstly let me wish you a wonderful weekend, over here in England it is Father's day on Sunday.  R is expecting to put his feet up!  On the success of selling lot of my postcards, I am looking into making up some cards and trying to find some small frame solutions.  Hopefully I'll have them sorted before the Brighton Craft Alliance event that I am joining in on in July.  Hoping to work on my current series Floral & Fauna next week.  My random friday is all about these finds and catching some late afternoon light with this rose.  Hope you have fun this weekend, D x
PS. all photography by me!  The two top images leads to the Illustrators website.


  1. Beautiful randomness ... I do love a bit of random ... I love the print in the top picture ... can I be cheeky and ask where its from ... Bee xx

    1. Hey Bee, Of course, I have been meaning to link my finds, but for now...the first print is by a lovely talented lady called Freya, I discovered her last year when I shot for a pop up gift company. I love all she does...really I do!
      you can find her

      Glad you like her print, D xxx

  2. Is the hare ilustration from your hand? It's most wonderful!

  3. It is by one of my all time favourite Illustrators, Lizzy Stewart, you can find her here,

    Thanks for your interest and glad you like her xx


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