Thursday, 9 January 2014

Red Onions Still Life

Today was day two of sunshine!  I took the opportunity to photograph a new still life image.  With my Christmas money from my in laws I treated myself to this stunning damson linen runner, bought with the sole purpose to photograph.  Thank you for the New Wishes and new followers, I am always touched to read such encouraging words.  Today as I sat in the kitchen drinking a cuppa, my thoughts drifted into how fast this year will fly by, as every year really flies by.  I am hoping that I will be brave enough to push some new doors!  I am thinking of arranging a few meetings in London to get some advice on how to take my photography forward.


  1. Go for it Dawn your photo's are lovely. x

  2. Beautiful pictures as always Dawn ... my mum uses a bread board just like the one in the photo ... Bee xx


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