Monday, 13 October 2014

Golden Hour Randoms

Over the last few weeks, my eldest daughter has struggled with settling into year five at school.  It is the first time they have mixed up their classes and even though we know that this will happen in two years time when she goes to secondary school, the adjustment has been too much for her.  My days are filled with raw emotions, frustration and growing pains.  My heart goes out to her, I'm hoping that she will know our unconditional love, hope and the equipping of tools to get through this stage.  The weight of this, has kept me occupied on so many levels, hence the lack of posts and photos.  But we are dealing with this daily and it is getting easier.  Please bear with me!
Anyhow here are a selection of golden hour shots, as we have pockets of sun amidst the grey and rainy days.

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  1. Poor her, I hope it gets easier for all of you soon, it is so hard to relax for the day when you know they have struggled to go in, been there many a time and I know it hurts. it doesnt get easier they just grow up I think and somehow adjust to what they need to do. x


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