Tuesday, 3 March 2015

L turns T E N

Today felt very emotional as L turned ten.  Time is moving way too fast.  Each year I write a post for each of my girls.  L we truly cannot help but love you.  You are a delight and joy to be around, although the last few months we have experienced a few moody hormone driven days.  We are learning about how you yearn to be grown up and crave more independence.  You continue to be such a caring and thoughtful sister, daughter and friend.  Your friendship with C is stronger than ever, she adores you and loves your company.  As you enter yet another year of your life, please know that you are completely accepted.  Grow in kindness, grace and hope for all you want to do in life.  We love how you are enjoying your faith, learning the guitar and coping with this challenging year at school.  Stay brave and true to you, don't compare yourself to others, don't give up doing good, don't fret over being popular or cool.  Do love adventure, thinking about how to help others, and not giving up.  Thank you, for the fun you share with us.  How you love to send me text messages and pick up on me saying things back to front and upside down.  I hope you know that you can always trust us and that we believe in you.  All our love, Mum and Dad. 


  1. I think ten is a brilliant age. Kids are proper polymaths at ten - they know everything (and they are still quite nice to be around...). Happy birthday L!


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