Tuesday, 1 September 2009

We're Back.

Honestly, this summer feels like a blur. It has been filled with days out, nights away and friends coming to play. But today marks a change in season. Firstly, there is a chill in the air, secondly, preparation for the start of a school term for my eldest. We are busy unpacking, repacking and organising. We have given up TV for a while, as we needed more time for our hobbies and to do what we love the most: read. Our home has an under current of new things for a new season, so each morning is meet with excitment for the day ahead. So, even though our summer was filled with lazy days in public gardens, our garden and other people's gardens. I am fully embracing the next season, of layers, muddy puddles and autumn colours. To mark this change, I wanted to share the last of my summer snaps, my in-laws' garden!

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  1. Beautiful photos young lady! I love the rich autumnal colours - I'm *almost* starting to get excited about lovely misty autumn mornings...
    Miss you xx


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