Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Book Crawl

The current episode in our life is sadly all about the lack of sleep. Last night was a record, two hours then up for 4 hours for various child/poorly reasons, then another 2 hours of sleep before starting the day. I am far too tried to talk to anyone today, so I am going to hide away. This week is looking a little glum....I truly need a good nights sleep. Sleep deprivation really affects it just me? However on Monday these lovely books arrived to brighten the odd moment of my day.
ps. our girls are completely unaffected by their awakening.


  1. Ooo lucky you! ( The books that is ) I've had a flick through the Orla Kiely book, and it looks lovely, but I've not seen the Farrow and Ball one yet. I love their paint colours and am looking forward to seeing the book. I hate sleep deprivation - I can't operate at all...

  2. hope it's better now, your sleep and your girls...great books, I have the Orla Kiely one and those two are definitely be on my wish list, thank you:)

  3. V, they are great books and I cannot put them down. So far I have had one good night's sleep in the last ten days, but things are getting better, thanks.
    Hey Ali, hope all is well, visit sometime x


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