Friday, 22 October 2010

C, this morning

Another sleepless night, L had a bad dream. So my ability to concentrate is lost on anything other than the girls. My morning has consisted of sitting, tidying up clothes and toys in the slowest time ever. However, when I am tried I do tend to snap away a little more. I sometimes use it to interact with C, I snap, as we sing nursery rhymes together. Some shots to record that I do get to enjoy moments in my sleepy haze of life. Happy Weekend, here's praying for a lie in!


  1. she is so pretty and when she looks at you like that you can't really be "angry" at her, A. has been climbing into our bed for last couple of weeks, me sleeping on the edge of the bed every night, but couple of days ago I gave her really thick feather duvet and she seems to sleep much better...have a good nigh sleep :)

  2. I think that the insight into the night time chill is true, C has been wearing an extra layer and we have had two good nights and one only up for 5 mins, so life is starting to resume. Hope that you have a successful pre Christmas order. Dx


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