Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Eldest

It was inevitable that the distribution of not having a kitchen, would it effect us all in different ways. C our youngest doesn't like the noise and wants to stay out all day, L is getting very tried from being woken by the early morning arrival of our builders, R is off at work during the days and it ok with all, and as for me...Well I miss my blog time, taking photos on our kitchen table and not having a washing machine. Actually it is not too bad, time is flying by and the excitement of the future kitchen revamp is too wonderful to contain. My ideas are flowing and de-cluttering is a must for this new space of ours. I took these photos this morning before we set of to find a radiator.


  1. Darling. We love our new worth the inconvenience. Hang in there.
    Mary Ann

  2. You are right, it is only a matter of weeks, and we will be able to enjoy it for years. Thanks for the encouragement, Dawn x


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