Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking long and hard about a splash back in the kitchen. I collected some samples and showed the above to R, sadly he feels that we should go with the original idea of worktop and low splash back in the same. Not sure myself, but happy to go with it!
Photo Credits, Fired Earth, Topps Tile, Living Etc.


  1. I love the last photo, I remember the house from living etc., so beautiful. i really like metro tiles as well, we just put them in a shower and it looks great, so classic. You should persuade your husband:) happy new year you too!

  2. Love, love, love that final image - totally makes me want to redo our kitchen here :) Good luck with all the packing up - hope it's going smoothly xx

  3. I love pink so I would go for the first image :) Nice blog btw! I'm happy I found it.


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