Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Four Today

Our youngest, turned four today.  She exclaimed to nearly everyone we met today that 'I can't believe I'm four now'!  She is a bundle of fun, cheeky and a great source of entertainment.  She sings her thoughts and actions through the day (really all day).  Going something like this; 'it is raining today, oh raining again, again, again, again, I am going to wear my wellie boots, my boots, my boots, where are they now I know, it's by the back door, back door, back door.' C, you adore your big sister, love and loved by your friends, love singing, playing babies and watching the film Annie.  This year you have enjoyed gardening, dressing yourself, pulling faces and playing flying Barbies.  You love to play with Eddie, Henry, Kai, Xanthe, Yasmin, Benji, Allegra and our neighbours.  You always want to jump on Daddy, annoy L and assert your will.  You continue to grow in grace, compassion and wit.  Thank you for blessing our family, you are most wanted.  Love, mummy xxx


  1. So Sweet. happy birthday to her. x

  2. Happy Birthday, to your precious little one. Been enjoying catching up on your blog, particularly the day when the little lady autographed your shoes! Much love, FiGre xxx

  3. Happy belated birthday wishes to a beautiful big girl


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