Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Making Pom Poms

Things are not in their rightful place.  I asked a dear friend of mine how she keeps her home clutter free and organised.  She said it is full time job, I replied "but I tidy everyday", she then enlightened me that it is an act that needs to performed hourly rather than daily!  So I decided that I am 'a take me as you find me' kind of girl!
The white cake stand was a birthday gift a couple of weeks back, then the lovely postcards are by a lady called Sally Beerworth and the Pom Pom's made by me for C's 4th birthday party.  I am addicted, since snapping that pom pom shot I have made a further four more.  My pom pom inspiration was from one of my favourite blogs afewthingsfrommylife, visit the link and scroll down for a step by step masterclass.
The shells were bought as props and I am thinking maybe something like a savoy cabbage or cauliflower could lend itself along side the shells for the next still life?  Any suggestions please?


  1. Love the cards. Made me laugh out loud.

  2. dawn, thanks for linking me this pom pom link. yours are super cute! can't wait xx


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