Tuesday, 18 September 2012

An Apple Day - Still Life Part Two

We are dropping like flies.  Both R and myself are feeling exhausted and little run down.  C came home this afternoon full of cold, so only L to go and she is tough as old boots, so hopefully she will ride it out.  Otherwise we are enjoying the change of season, taking about what foods the animals will store for hibernation and collecting leaves this coming weekend!
Ps. Chopping board and linen from a car boot and the jug was a wedding present (we married in 1998). Apples - English Cox from a local supplier.  

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  1. sounds like the going back to school lurgy! We haven't been hit yet but I know it will happen soon. My partner is a secondary school teacher, my daughter is a primary school and my son goes to nursery so betweem them they seem to bring quite a variety of colds and coughs home! Hope you are all feelin better soon, just enjoy the wintery warming foods and drinks of the season and lots of apple crumble! Love the photographs, especially the third shot. Lisa x


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