Friday, 14 September 2012

Lemons Still Life

So we have picked the wooden floors for the living room, just need to source new radiators.  Yes, we are still stripping the walls!
After school this morning, I joined a few mums to talk about how are little ones are settling in, it was good to feel that I was not the only one struggling with the transition.  On returning home and avoiding the living room, I rummaged through my car boot/charity finds to put this shot together.  Honestly, I love lemons so once again, they feature in my latest shot for my still life series.


  1. Love the yellow against all the neutral colours, it is always weird when they first start, my oldest son cried everyday of school for many years!!
    It always made me feel awful.

  2. It's my eldest starting Juniors ( year 3), that is struggling with the change. My youngest is only part time, so comes home tried, but happy! I think that the many years, will resonate with me! Thanks, Dawn xx

  3. It gets better but it is a tear jerker when you are in the midst of it. My eldest who struggled with going to nursery and starting school now can't remember the experience at all.

  4. I missed your giveaway, opening of the shop..everything. Congratulations!:) your photos are beautiful, love these ones, the yellow is fantastic.


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