Friday, 14 October 2011

First Attempt

Last weekend I attended a tester day in Letterpress.  I loved being in a studio that smelt of paint, it bought back memories of my art room at school.  Anyway with such a fiddly art to master, I came away with a few trail and errors and this print was by far my favourite, even though there is a tiny error.  Would love to hear your thoughts.  Also I have two copies to give away (PRINT only), if anyone fancies one!


  1. I would love a print!! Coincidentally , my last post was about my love of letterpress and my quest to find a Adana manual letterpress! It is such a fantastic medium! Fab stuff, lisa x

  2. This is lovely Dawn.
    Chuck my name into the please.
    Have a great weekend and welcome to my patch of Hertfordshire!

  3. Do you want me to send a stamped addressed envelope or shall I email you my address? my email is

    thanks lovely x

    ps ... yey! (and I still havent spotted the error!!!???


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