Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Five Minutes

The thing about half term is finding that precious five minutes when your thoughts are free to wonder without interruptions.  Five minutes to lose yourself in a memory, a photo or song.  I have been going to bed late this week in order to have an 'evening', so with tiredness brings emotion.  So when one of my dear friends visited from London today, I felt so sad to say goodbye.  I love the years that build up with friendships, for me my friends that I made in my early twenties feel so valuable.  This shot was taken in five minutes, a fair task as I grabbed things to put in and arrange it, this song over and over in my head, this memory the first time L & D came to our house for dinner.
My harbor has a boat in it BY Benjamin Francis Leftwich

The water makes its way around it,
When the sun shines down the hills, 
winds blow
I miss you more
You said I'm young, but I'm yours
I am free, but I am flawed
I'm here in your heart
I was here from the start

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  1. oh to have time to ponder and to let thoughts wander..quite an achievement in a house of kids on a rainy half term day! Its a goeggous photo, you are so good at composition, I love how it says so much with so few pieces in it. Love the lyrics too, just listened to him on u tube, he's got such a sweet dreamy voice. I got your print this morning, thankyou so much, I am most pleased and it has further heightened my love of letterpress and desperate need to get a printing press. I did a little post about it today.
    Thanks again, Lisa x


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