Friday, 7 October 2011

Trying to give it away.

So my dear husband jested that if I want to keep things for sentimental reasons, but have no need for them or no place for them, I should photograph them and give it away.  It is all about less is more in our house.  Presently we are swamped with the contents of two bedrooms in the lounge, (unless they did not make it to storage).  I am ridiculous about hoarding random stuff, in case we may need it one day!  Honestly I make more work for myself and miss out on doing the things I love, because I am sorting through mess on a daily basis.  This has to change.  The above is a jug, six tumblers (four shown) and a matching plate/tray that we received as a wedding gift and sadly it has no place in the new guest room, so it has to go.  The idea of having the things I find hard to give away photographed works for me.  I can simply file in away on my computer.  Any tips warmly welcomed.
***Update I put this on facebook and one of my lovely friends has taken it and is now displayed in her bedroom!  Very happy that's it is in a lovely new home.

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