Monday, 24 October 2011

Leaf Project

What a sunshine filled weekend, so lucky that the weather is not too hideous.  We managed to lock ourselves this weekend and our neighbours were away for the weekend, so we had to call lock assist out!  However it meant that as we could not get in, we went to Brighton on the train as we had no car keys, which was a great delight for the girls (even though it's only a few stops away)!
Then we baked a cake, visited Wakehurst and collected leaves for our leaf project.


  1. wonderful photos, I hope you don't mind I "pinned" few pictures of your girls, so sweet:)

  2. You are very kind and I don't mind at all xx

  3. Such gorgeous girls!, I just love the colours of Autumn and really must get leaf collecting before they all fade to brown! I really miss Brighton, I used to lkive in Hove a few years ago, my girl was born there and I just loved some of the parks Stamner Park is a fab one for foraging...loads of apple trees and Damsons and beautiful leaves a plenty!


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