Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Up to things

Admittedly I have been a little more frequent with my blog posts, firstly I think it is because I am indoors more during this season, I love my new lens (basic but fab) and because I am preparing for the builders coming back next week.  The eggs shot was taken at a neighbours house, the hallway needs a revamp, we've been collecting conkers and I have been playing around with still life on the kitchen table!  How you are spending the rest of October?


  1. Fantastic pictures Mrs M.

  2. beautiful shots!, i've found that I'm blogging away more than usual too, its definately the cold, dark evenings. Ive also started making things again, I said I would do a craft stall at a friends xmas mini craft fair thing..I havent got anything to sell yet so I'll be spending the rest of October sewing sewing and sewing!! (and blogging!) x


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