Thursday, 5 March 2009

It's in the Bag

Eco-chic is how the fashionistas of the world put a spin on a very real desire for change. It would be hard pressed to find talking about budgeting and global warming dull. We are somehow working towards making a difference in our life, be it home or work. So as I have been on a mission to say no to plastic, I have been re-using bags or using my faithful string bag to carry my food shopping home. However with my birthday fast approaching I am thinking that I would like to start collecting pieces from my fave design duo...people will always need plates. I think to kick start it, the savvy shopper bag is top of my list! The designs are based on architectural drawings for mainly places and ordinary buildings. There product ranges from mugs to uber cool colouring in books (another favourite, as coulouring in is my daily thing with my four year old)!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Wallpaper for our Dining Area

Ok, so LV's 4th birthday was a success and more to the point done! One more thing I can let go of and re-focus on being creative, a bit of diy and de-cluttering. In the process, we have decided on wallpapering the dining area of our kitchen. I'm hoping to get the before and after photos up on here! For now, we are considering this as the wallpaper....
It is a newly launched range from Harlequin found at the following link.