Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Here and now

For the last couple of days, I have been in a state of anxiousness. Over nothing in particular, just things that may or may not happen. So many conversations during my twenties with close friends were based on the here and now, being completely present in the everyday. So I found a gentle reminder to stop, be thankful and see the beauty in the everyday.

This online magazine moved me to not dismiss the small things.

Friday, 24 April 2009

A little find and a little too much information!

I am confident that this will not be my only post about my car booting love and experience. Yesterday we had a trip to a beautiful part of the world-Arundel, the castle, the views and on the way to our picnic a car boot sale. I was quite taken with a Wedgwood 18th century vase, but I tried to bring the seller down in price, but he would not back down. So I passed by...only to find the following painting. It is an original watercolour in a tatty frame. I really want to repaint the frame (hoping to do this weekend). But as charming the seller was, she proceeded to tell me about the painting, her mother's work, her mother's friends and how she could never be intimidated by famous people. Interesting and charmed, but alas too much information.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Soundtrack to the summer

Oh yes, it is hotting up here in the UK and instead of joining the randoms that insist on wearing shorts as soon as the sun makes an appearance. I start to compile my soundtrack that will be playing in my kitchen, car and head....the summer is coming and I am ready!

For the last eight months, Ladyhawke as been my number one! I love the memory of bananarama it conjures up. It is a great album and I can only dream of shooting the endless videos....currently joining the list is Bats for Lashes, Kings of Leon, Elbow, M.I.A, Ceu, The Shins (oh I will always love them), Goldspot, Friendly Fires and Midlake.

Wakehurst Place UK

Well we have been making the most of the glorious sunshine - gardening, walking, eating out, and a long over due visit to Wakehurst. Anyway some a couple of snap shots of our day!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Endless Childhood Memories

From the day the girls came into our lives, I knew we gave them the best start in life...a mother and father. I had a distinctive lack of the latter, as my parents separated before my birth and my Grandmother (MUM) brought me from six months old. Anyway I find on my journey of motherhood that I remember the most absurd things, and annoyingly sound like my Mother! Anyway I try not to buy into the thinking of giving the girls what I didn't have, but I sometimes slip up...flensted mobiles....I was a kid that always wanted a mobile. So for C's room, we bought the prize Hen and debated getting a further one...Butterflies!

Recently I mentioned Russell Pinch, a wonderful British furniture designer to a close friend. So I thought it only fitting to herald his work on my blog. I simply love his twists on traditional designs and how he thinks about natural elements of design, like giving the humble twig a design lift! My favourite is the desk, but the two seat pedal sofa an exclusive for London's Liberty Store is a close second.