Thursday, 27 June 2013

English Roses in Bloom at Nymans Garden

What with the busy days of open houses, R between jobs, school activties and my birthday last weekend.  Things are starting to settle and my camera is back in use.  Always wanting to the make the most of the sun, I popped up to Nymans Garden this week, as I suspected that the Rose Garden may be in bloom.  The scent was enough to convince that I need some more roses in my life.

Monday, 24 June 2013

June Weathered Walks

We are still insistant on our summer walks to old and new places, even though it is often overcast or windswept.  Where is our summer? Longing for the heat of the midday sun, water fights, picnics and paddling on the beach.  We are thinking we may have to muster up some savings to head off to the sun again.  This weekend, our friends stayed as they are thinking of moving to Brighton, so we had the pleasure of spending time at my favourite country park seven sisters.  It was their visit and they fell in love this this glorious outdoors spot too!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Lemons Still Life Study

Yellows for a bright sunshiney day!  Be it may only be once this week, but I love it when the sun comes out.  I shot these lemons, this morning, firstly as I am obessed with lemons, secondly because I only had lemons in as our food delievery is arriving tomorrow!  I wish that I could say that things are calming down, but we are still in the thick of busy days.  Next week, looks more relaxing, so hopefully catch up on my new Fauna and Floral series.  Hope that life is treating you well, currently compling a playlist, what song gets you up and dancing?

Friday, 14 June 2013

Random Friday

Firstly let me wish you a wonderful weekend, over here in England it is Father's day on Sunday.  R is expecting to put his feet up!  On the success of selling lot of my postcards, I am looking into making up some cards and trying to find some small frame solutions.  Hopefully I'll have them sorted before the Brighton Craft Alliance event that I am joining in on in July.  Hoping to work on my current series Floral & Fauna next week.  My random friday is all about these finds and catching some late afternoon light with this rose.  Hope you have fun this weekend, D x
PS. all photography by me!  The two top images leads to the Illustrators website.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Artist Open Houses

Thank you for bearing with me.  Life has been busy with getting ready for our holiday to Turkey and making sure prints were framed before I left.  Then when we arrived back we were against the clock to get our home ready for artist open houses.  I was pleased that R was off work, as he helped above and beyond my expectations.  The above images give an indication on how we displayed my prints.  It was such an encouraging experience, it proved that I work sells well when displayed physically rather than online.  It is hard to photograph, photographic prints in order to sell online.  It felt magical seeing and hearing the response of people viewing them.  I sold seven prints in total and several packs of postcards.  People gave me suggestions where else I could sell them, compliments about our home and two folks even took down the name of our carpenter.  Below I have added in order the most popular in sales and favourites.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Back from Holiday

We went away over half term, our choice of destination was the wonderful country Turkey.  It was truly a relaxing break.  We mainly ate ice creams, swam in the pool and slept in.  It was lovely to get some sun and switch off.  On arriving home, I have been bombarded by my huge to do list in order to get ready for my first Artist Open House this weekend.  I hadn't anticipated how much needed doing.  It is also exciting to see my large scale prints.  If you are in the Brighton area and able to pop by please private message for my address.  I promise to catch up on visiting my favourite blogs next week, hope you are all well and look forward to reading up on your sunshine adventures.