Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Five Minutes

The thing about half term is finding that precious five minutes when your thoughts are free to wonder without interruptions.  Five minutes to lose yourself in a memory, a photo or song.  I have been going to bed late this week in order to have an 'evening', so with tiredness brings emotion.  So when one of my dear friends visited from London today, I felt so sad to say goodbye.  I love the years that build up with friendships, for me my friends that I made in my early twenties feel so valuable.  This shot was taken in five minutes, a fair task as I grabbed things to put in and arrange it, this song over and over in my head, this memory the first time L & D came to our house for dinner.
My harbor has a boat in it BY Benjamin Francis Leftwich

The water makes its way around it,
When the sun shines down the hills, 
winds blow
I miss you more
You said I'm young, but I'm yours
I am free, but I am flawed
I'm here in your heart
I was here from the start

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Other Peoples Homes

My first impression of Sarah's home was her vast and stunning collections.  From jugs to utensils to mirrors they were all cleverly displayed and each item recalled a memory.  

Sarah is truly fascinating and underestimates her creative eye and her mastership in display.  Last weekend she granted me permission to photograph her home.  With each wall painted in Farrow and Ball, rugs shattered throughout and pieces of antiques collected over the years, her home echos a time gone by that has been lovingly considered.

Not forgetting Sarah's beautifully landscaped garden, which admittedly has been neglected in the recent weeks of autumn setting in.  But I loved the feeling of abandonment now that the summer days has passed.  Sarah laughed when I stopped her from adjusting the flopped cushions on the lounger.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Leaf Project

What a sunshine filled weekend, so lucky that the weather is not too hideous.  We managed to lock ourselves this weekend and our neighbours were away for the weekend, so we had to call lock assist out!  However it meant that as we could not get in, we went to Brighton on the train as we had no car keys, which was a great delight for the girls (even though it's only a few stops away)!
Then we baked a cake, visited Wakehurst and collected leaves for our leaf project.

Friday, 21 October 2011


This morning I took some photos at my friend's J's house, her husband made these rock cakes and they grew the garlic themselves.   Presently I feel like my days are made up of bits.  A bit here and a bit there, rather than a committed chuck of the day being highly productive.  So I am practising being adaptable, which doesn't come easy.  How do you give in your day to day?

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Leaves, Milk and Cookies

Today C and I  went for a walk and wondered around kicking leaves.  We tried a different route into the village and browsed the charity shops on the way back home.  When we got in we had a snack of milk (green tea for me, as I don't like milk) and cookies, alas not homemade, one day!  Next week I am off to see Benjamin Francis Leftwich play in Brighton.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Up to things

Admittedly I have been a little more frequent with my blog posts, firstly I think it is because I am indoors more during this season, I love my new lens (basic but fab) and because I am preparing for the builders coming back next week.  The eggs shot was taken at a neighbours house, the hallway needs a revamp, we've been collecting conkers and I have been playing around with still life on the kitchen table!  How you are spending the rest of October?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Autumn Feelings

With the crisp mornings and late afternoons being so dark and chilly, I dug out our scarfs and gloves ready to embrace the days ahead.  I love this time of year, it is not to bitter cold and feels natural to stay in a little more.  This season bestows fallen leaves that crunch under foot, log fires crackling making the perfect backdrop for reading a good book and comfort food, hot, healthy and full of flavour.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Sneak Peak

We have posted a little sneaky peak over at Magpie and Mustard of our latest design.  Please venture over for a look and share your thoughts xx

Sunday, 16 October 2011

This Weekend

We have had a jam packed weekend, a little unlike us to tell the truth as we usually like to chill.  We've visited family in Hertfordshire, meet our 6 day old niece, celebrated our nephews second birthday and my husband's 38th birthday, went to church and cleared more stuff out into storage and finally L road-tested her replacement scooter as the last one was stolen.  In the midst of clearing out we have decided to say so long to our Norm lighting!

Friday, 14 October 2011

First Attempt

Last weekend I attended a tester day in Letterpress.  I loved being in a studio that smelt of paint, it bought back memories of my art room at school.  Anyway with such a fiddly art to master, I came away with a few trail and errors and this print was by far my favourite, even though there is a tiny error.  Would love to hear your thoughts.  Also I have two copies to give away (PRINT only), if anyone fancies one!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Our Girls

It is all about blowing bubbles in her Ribena and climbing up the banisters in our house!
Music Fix at the moment is The Civil Wars, Feist and Ben Howard.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Over the weekend I popped to see our neighbours new kitchen table and wood burning stove, when installed I will try to photography Karen's kitchen as it oozes creativity and comfort.  I love the idea of a wood burner in the kitchen, alas it is too late for us.  I took a little snap of her kitchen corner with an array of wonderful utensils.  Also during the dreaded weekend food shop, I found this lovely packaging by the wonderful Artisan Biscuit Makers.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Trying to give it away.

So my dear husband jested that if I want to keep things for sentimental reasons, but have no need for them or no place for them, I should photograph them and give it away.  It is all about less is more in our house.  Presently we are swamped with the contents of two bedrooms in the lounge, (unless they did not make it to storage).  I am ridiculous about hoarding random stuff, in case we may need it one day!  Honestly I make more work for myself and miss out on doing the things I love, because I am sorting through mess on a daily basis.  This has to change.  The above is a jug, six tumblers (four shown) and a matching plate/tray that we received as a wedding gift and sadly it has no place in the new guest room, so it has to go.  The idea of having the things I find hard to give away photographed works for me.  I can simply file in away on my computer.  Any tips warmly welcomed.
***Update I put this on facebook and one of my lovely friends has taken it and is now displayed in her bedroom!  Very happy that's it is in a lovely new home.