Sunday, 18 March 2018

Back to Basics

Feeling like I've gone full circle.  I started here, my simple online journal.  With a morbid undertone that if anything happened to me, my girls would be able to read my thoughts and find a comfort in my photography.  Then fast forward to the world of Apps and doing everything on your phone.  I got a little lost with trying to find a platform to grow my creativity and followers.  But it felt so cluttered and not me.  Lately I have been turning my phone to silent, leaving at home and forgetting where I put it!  A chance to catch my breath and sit at a computer once more.  So feeling inspired by a few friends that ditched the social media platforms, I find myself smiling inwardly and outwardly at the slow pace of journaling and stumbling across the odd post that catches your eye.

Here is my first home grown Amaryllis that I picked up as a half priced bulb!  Eight weeks later this towering majestic beauty.  It feels fitting to use this image as it is so simple, so pure and gives me so much delight.

Welcome along, if you never been here before, hey to all the familiar folks that have watched my girls grow and my passion for story telling with the simplest of images.

If you get a chance I'd love to hear your thoughts, your journey stories.