Wednesday, 20 April 2011


In a matter of months, it will be two years since I cut down how much television I watch and a year from deleting my profile on Facebook. The main reason was to use my time wisely. I have noticed the benefit, more sleep, a little less chaos, more time to enjoy things and discovering the art of conversation. By chance I stumbled upon a lovely programme following the world of buying, and hearing stories of those hoping to get their work/product realised in a consumer market. A particular story touched me, two sisters-in-law set up a range of training bras. Recently in the UK there has been so much bad press about how retailers are exploiting our young with padded and push up bras. The brand that is sweetling could not be more timely. The designs are so pretty, unlike the bland pack of two training bras that my mother bought me.

Images taken from Sweetling website.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Weekend Out and About

This weekend our dear friends from St Albans visited, we sat around the Kitchen a lot eating and chatting, but we did get out and about. We visited Hove Sea Front and ventured into Brighton. I love sharing time with friends whom we have a sense of history with. The girls loved a their little boy and we were sad to see them leave. I snapped this photo of bunting, as it made me feel excited about our street party on the day of the royal wedding. Also I bought some wool in the Charity shop as to make some pom pom's!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Shepherd Huts

If money was no object I would be fairly tempted to invest in a Shepherd Hut. Our garden is a work in progress, is what I keep telling myself. We have little time to enjoy it and lacking in the creative design. Also the idea of having a reading nock or a make area is a wonderful daydream. The above images, are taken for a Sussex based family business that restore Shepherd Huts.
For further information please visit

Monday, 4 April 2011

Weekend in Gardens

With a jam packed weekend of seeing family and friends, I managed to wonder around the gardens, snapping little ones and spring! Also I fell over a scooter and gave myself a fat lip, scar from nose to upper lip, bruised knees and a black eye and cheek...nice touch for R getting back from a week in Italy and Mother's day! On the mend and focusing on getting early nights, as I start the day a little too early for my liking. (Woken by the dawn chorus)!
ps. There is something about walled gardens.