Monday, 11 April 2011

Weekend Out and About

This weekend our dear friends from St Albans visited, we sat around the Kitchen a lot eating and chatting, but we did get out and about. We visited Hove Sea Front and ventured into Brighton. I love sharing time with friends whom we have a sense of history with. The girls loved a their little boy and we were sad to see them leave. I snapped this photo of bunting, as it made me feel excited about our street party on the day of the royal wedding. Also I bought some wool in the Charity shop as to make some pom pom's!


  1. Love that you are having a street party! Wish I could be there. Beautiful, beautiful photos of the gorgeous girls. xx

  2. Thanks honey, wish you could gate crash our street party!
    Speak so very soon, Dxxx

  3. I love the picture of the beach huts, I've got a similar one from Fun in the Sun a few years ago - very lovely and British.


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