Thursday, 3 March 2016

L turns Eleven

Oh joy and wonder - L you are so much more than we could have hoped for in a daughter.  Your love for learning is infectious.  You work so hard and make it look easy.  We are bowled over by your integrity, joy and creativity.  It frustrates me a little that you don't enjoy your photo taken any more, you would rather do something else.  But know I love how you know your mind, you melt our hearts with your kindness, your faithfulness and how easy you make loving you.  My prayer is that you keep talking to us, that you love adventure and grow in grace, humility and compassion.  Thank you that you are quick to forgive, it means a lot to me, especially as this stage is a challenge and I really want to love you extravagantly.  Our hearts burst with love for you, Mum xx

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

On the Table

A selection of scenes from my table, styling my everyday and enjoying pops of colour during this sometimes grey season.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

These Two

It's good to be blogging again, it has been a while as I have been working on launching my new photographic website later this spring.  My girls are growing up fast and every year, it is still apparent that they crave our family time.  So we have hosted a pop up cafe - a part of their pretend play, the youngest has taken up the piano and the learning new card games.  Hope to share more about a few photographic adventures I have started work on.