Friday, 11 July 2014

Six Today

Today C turned six!  She was thrilled, the run up to her birthday she mentioned it to everyone we met!  Yesterday C remarked that she felt like she was getting older.  Then this morning, she was so excited that she blurted out with sheer delight that it felt like it is the first birthday she ever had.  My darling girl, you bring such a joy to our hearts.  We love how you observe life and share your thoughts so eloquently.  You love your dear friends, you are so caring towards them.  For some reason you have the need to change your outfits several times during the day!  Your a master of pretend play, have a connection with singing and love to talk about the things that pop into your mind.  Your love for Jesus is so pure, filled with songs.  You hate it when we get cross with you, but massively confident in our love for you.  It is easy for us to show compassion, as you do it daily.  Thank you for the comfort you give to all that touch your heart.  Today was about Birthday giggles.  Enjoy being six! 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

French Soap

Lately I have been trying to catch up with my errands.  But unexpectedly I had a home day, my eldest daughter L, has been fighting of a cold.  Being full of cold and having broken sleep with coughing, she had today off school to rest.  Whilst L returned to bed, I quickly snapped these rather lovely smelling french soaps.  Thinking about product photography....

Thursday, 3 July 2014

C today

Today we had a small pocket when C was home whilst L was at an after school club.  It feels like a while since I could spend time snapping C.  Everyday I feel so aware that they grow ever time I blink.