Monday, 24 June 2013

June Weathered Walks

We are still insistant on our summer walks to old and new places, even though it is often overcast or windswept.  Where is our summer? Longing for the heat of the midday sun, water fights, picnics and paddling on the beach.  We are thinking we may have to muster up some savings to head off to the sun again.  This weekend, our friends stayed as they are thinking of moving to Brighton, so we had the pleasure of spending time at my favourite country park seven sisters.  It was their visit and they fell in love this this glorious outdoors spot too!


  1. I love seven sisters! last time I went there was just couple of days before A. was born, and that's 5 years...x

  2. love seven sisters park, often dream of going for the day but it is such a trek from London, use to go as a child!
    so enjoying your photo's x


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