Saturday, 14 November 2009

Scratching my Itch

Maybe it was Juergen Teller or the early Corinne Day whom influenced my love for realism in fashion and interior photography. In honestly I cannot remember, maybe it was always there, as I spent hours pouring over my late mother's photos passed onto her. I remember the first time I couldn't stop looking at Corrine's first photo shoot for ID. Then the likes of Misha Richter and Valerie Phillips were on my wishlist. The above images are from Erica Tanov collections shot by Erica Shires. Another photographer that makes me stop and think hard about scratching my itch.

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  1. hello dawn, thanks for visiting me today! that bottom photo is gorgeous; the light on her legs just beautiful. and i also want a samantha robinson bowl now! go for that ceramics course, it's a very satisfying medium to work in.


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