Thursday, 7 January 2010

Our walk home

We ventured out this morning to the local shops. A simple journey that took double time, as pushing a buggy in the snow is harder than I thought. On my way home, I figured a treat was deserving, a chocolate flake and two interior magazines. (Thought of you Laura, hope you are back online soon)!


  1. Oh my I definitely would have pushed a buggy in the snow for a flake and two interior magazines. I think you must have a good feel for me as chocolate and magazines are such a tradition for me, even if I must admit to feeling a teeny bit guilty after eating a huge bar of cadbury's when reading Vogue. But it is cold after all and I think a good layer of chocolate warmth is exactly what everyone needs. x
    We are meant to get our internet connection tomorrow, but not holding my breath with the current weather. Can't wait to stop messing around with this dongle.

  2. also I bet that chocolate tasted very very good after all that snow exercise.


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