Saturday, 6 February 2010

Sitting Around

The girls have become rather fond of our recent ebay purchase. In fact I bought this chair to paint...I am thinking Aubergine or Teal...! However, I am not convinced that it will be anytime soon, as both girls are always playing with it and even move it from room to room in order to continue their play. Another thing that I am waiting to do is to hang my owl plate. The plate is designed by a local company called Disaster Designs. This was the first time that I came across them and I hoping to find other little affordable treasures from them.


  1. I love the chair! I vote for teal:)

  2. Love both of them, the shape of the chair and the cute, cute owls.

  3. They were both bargains, Thanks V, I so leaning towards to teal...I just need to be brave and move away from white and wood!!!!


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