Saturday, 19 June 2010


Returning home from a lovely week in Cornwall, was a little mixed. We were sad that the holiday was over, we relished our family time and loved sleeping in everyday. But we were excited as we returned with a to do list....I know it sounds terrible, but really it is a good thing. We never really unpacked when we moved into our home. We have too many boxes that occupies our valuable fourth bedroom. This room over the last two years, could have been a 'make' room or playroom instead of a chaotic junk room. Many posts have referred to my attempts on de cluttering, but while we were away, we lived with very little and loved the freedom that it brings. So while I de clutter an hour a day.....I need this to be achievable, what motivates me is the other things on our list. On list, we have plans to paint the shed, (similar colour to my shot of a National Trust Store) and for me to practise my DoF.

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  1. This is sooo funny. It is exactly what I do whenever I go away and In fact I have spent the week decluttering. Too much stuff really stops you from doing stuff. Looking forward to reading about the tidy, clear and well organised. Glad you had a lovely holiday. L x


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