Thursday, 15 July 2010

To the Max

Admittedly I have given up my search for the perfect maxi summer dress. I tried on two different styles, but either did anything for me. I do believe that all sizes and age groups can wear current trends, but you need to do with a conviction about what works for you. As a 5ft4in curvy shape, I stayed away from the Maxi look, but I have decided with the right style (nothing too tent like), I can get away with this look. It may have to be something I follow up for the Autumn. I found these two looks on, one from Cacharel and the other from Erdem. I love the colours and the texture of both the chiffon and lace. There is something about adding layers and wearing biker boots with this look that makes me wear this in the middle of the summer! Rest assured that I will hold out until September and in the meantime I will enjoy the summer days and occasionally allow my thoughts on greyer days to get excited about the autumn looks just begging to be worn!

1 comment:

  1. I think that a maxi dress will suit you fine.
    Hope you are well lady.


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