Friday, 15 July 2011


Look what arrived in the post this morning.  A Beautifully packaged 'happy tape' and personal thank you note.  I love this tape, it is great for brightening up brown paper packaging, lovely to stick images into my journals and to make collages with.  One of the packs in going to be used as a little add on present for my friend.  I bought them from papermash, a perfect online store for those who love to get creative or find something a little different.  My next purchase has to be paper straws firstly for nostalgic reasons and secondly making paper straws necklaces with my girls over the summer holidays!


  1. Thanks Dawn for mentioning my little shop - glad you like the tape, I love it too!

  2. It's packaged so beautuifully. Its always such a lovely treat to get something (other than bills) in the post. Love the tape too!


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