Monday, 8 August 2011


I have been excitedly and nervously reading the handmade marketplace by Kari Chapin.  We pick up the  posters today and the last four months is starting to feel like a reality and there is so much to think about. So I distracted myself by snapping these lovely poppyseed and sesame wafers and playing with the arrangement for my letterpress storage.  Also this photo of the girls at Knoll makes me smile.  What are you nervous about?


  1. Gorgeous shots! Welcome home! So excited about the new prints - can't wait to see them (and you!).

  2. That book was the main inspiration for me starting a blog, its a real gem! Coincidentally, we just put up our letterpress drawer on the wall (its been sat in our storage shed for years...better late than never!) and Ive been fussing about with it trying to fill it with little lovelies. Your girls are so gorgeous! and weirdly at this moment I dont feel nervous or anxious about anything, which is pretty odd for me, so I'm sending some happy chilled out vibes you way ;)


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