Wednesday, 11 January 2012


I rarely talk about my lovely husband R on my blog, not sure why?  He is my rock.  Even though he works long hours, when he is home, he adds substance, calm and gives so much time to me and the girls.  Before we married, a friend said of him, that he has a gift of freeing me, believing in me and letting me follow my dreams, fifteen years on, this is proved true.  Anyway R and two others are running a how to manage your money course at the end of this month and I am very proud of him.  We however have been putting the principles in place and it was a struggle for me, but only two weeks in and I am seeing the rewards and it is so helpful to really see where our money actually goes.  R thank you for supporting me as I try something new!

This is probably the most I've ever written, it is with a search for direction that I am writing this.  I have toyed with the idea of a magazine type blog, with lots of features and finds, but it is my real desire to keep it simple and follow my passion of taking photos.   Hope that helps you understand a little why I may seem as though I drift through my blog.  Last year I planned on opening a little online shop, after the successful sales of my photographic calendar.  I'm still hoping to do so.  Thank you to your visits, following, kind words and support, I really appreciate it more than you realise.  Any thoughts, advice would be openly received.

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  1. I think being creative also means (certainly for myself) always toying with many possibilities, not only creatively but in life in general. I always have fifty million creative projects/ideas going at once and I have the same amount of ideas in my head about how I want my life to go. What I have learnt about feeling good is it is ESSENTIAL to (here comes a cliche) listen to that voice within. I am definitely happiest and most successful when I am following the compass of my instinct - even when it tells me to do something as 'ridiculous' as write some lyrics on my hand and take photos of it or draw a dead birds claw on a shirt!
    You must do WHATEVER is it you WANT to, there is no other way to grow. Still I fool myself that I need to 'think' of a brilliant idea or 'plan'
    my creative career! I think the universe just wants us to shout out how much we love it, whether that's through a painting, a song, a photo, a handmade necklace, or ANYTHING! And it will reward us with everything we ever wished for in return. But that's just what I think! I am a REAL life optimist - now off I go to follow my own damm advice!! (No I don't need to tidy my desk for the 18th time this week, I just need to print out that photo that I want to turn into a pastel picture!!)
    Whatever you do, your photography is BRILLIANT so wherever it takes you will be brilliant too!


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