Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Visting Crete

Currently shooting portrait a lot!
Today we spent the best part of the morning in A&E.  I have had trouble with my knee for the last few years, I've lapsed on having regular phyiso which has resulted in a torn cartilage.  On crutches with half unpacked suitcases and dirty washing to deal with.  R has a busy week at work, so we are really calling in favours.  I have resigned to basic meals -pop in the oven options, think jacket potatoes, tinned sweetcorn and chicken nuggets!  Tonight we are having a stir fry as R was back early, tomorrow defrosting a chilli with, you guessed it jacket potatoes again!


  1. Oh dear not a good way to end the holidays hope your knee feels better.
    Lovely pictures of Crete!

  2. Hi Dawn. Sending good, healthy vibes to your knee. As for your photos - I see a book in the making.


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