Thursday, 16 August 2012

Quiet by Susan Cain

Today has been a conveyor belt of the girls friends coming to play.  We spent some of the day drawing on pebbles.  Then a surprise gift came in the post from CS, a book that she has recommended for sometime.  Naturally I love chatting and meeting new people.  However, a year ago I recognised that I really cherish being on my own.  Time to be stop, think, process and be creative.  I had two lots of twenty minutes through my hectic day and dived straight into this super insightful book.  It is called QUIET. by Susan Cain.  


  1. Love the pebble doodle! and my goodness I think I need that book too! There is constant chatter in my world...either the kids yabbering or the constant chatter of my own mind with its infinite to do list..waah! :)

  2. Not sure, if the reason I felt so emotional reading the start of the book, or because of its content. It echos quiet strength and its beauty.

  3. Oh that book sounds interesting. I feel I am getting stressed by the noise in our house. My 2 just can't stop talking / bickering / yelling..... all over soon. Back to school in 3 weeks. (I don't mean it obvs!) x p.s. thanks Dawn for your lovely comment. xxx

  4. Love the pebbles.....and going to check the book out, often crave time by myself, now in the holidays it seems that it is not until after 9.30pm at the earliest and then I am almost to tired to enjoy the peace and quiet.

  5. Gorgeous pebbles and what a lovely sounding book. I savour any moment I have for a little bit of quiet time - I find these to be most precious.

    Nina x

    1. Hi Nina, Agree, quiet is simply precious. D xx


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