Friday, 15 March 2013

Random Friday

What a week, still dazed by the fact that R was stuck in his car for twelve hours, when he was only 30 mins on a motorway drive from home.  I am searching out spring, really over the snow, in fact started a new pin board, called summer.  C has inherited my knack for collecting things, her collection of pez holders is fast growing.   Taking of my watch and leaving it everywhere, expect where it actually lives! Guilty of not posting these gifts to Canada, to the lovely R family!


  1. My goodness, 12 hours! I am counting my lucky stars that my corner of Kent got off lightly, some of my colleagues had to abandon their cars yet they only live 20 minutes from me.

  2. Great start to a collection! Love those Pez machines. Happy Weekend.
    Yes that 12 hour epic is pretty surreal. x

  3. Lovely pics. Sorry to hear about the stuck in car situation. Was that the crazy snow? Yikes!


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