Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Matching Dresses

For a while our girls have been pleading for me to buy them matching dresses.  I've avoided this successfully for sometime...not sure why?  But the idea never grabbed me.  So, you know when you buy one item online, its like opening pandoras box as you get a flurry of emails.  It doesn't bother me too much, as it keeps me informed with the outside world to a small degree.  Anyway when the summer sale emails came through, I browsed through them, with the idea of 'matching' dresses.  A few weekends ago, we joined a close friend in celebrating her birthday, the girls helped me picked these Joules dresses for them to wear.  It was lovely seeing them so excited to be wearing the same dresses, one insisting on wearing them with sandals and socks and the other casually sporting her dearly loved high tops.  I never grew with my siblings, so I am forever learning about this bond and companionship.  As I snapped away, I felt humbled by this minor wish, as it meant so much to the girls.

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  1. It's lovely to see your girls wearing such pretty matching dresses. This post triggered lots of memories for me. I am nearly 5 years older than my sister, and it wasn't much fun trying to be a cool 9 year old, when your 4 year old sister had the same dress on! By the time my clothes fit her, she was sick of the sight of my hand me downs, because they were the same clothes reincarnated!

    Such lovely pictures and I love their individual headbands too ...

    Have a lovely day

    Claire xxx


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