Monday, 14 October 2013

Lights on

With the autumn days drawing to close, I'm losing the afternoon light, that I love so much.  So I am trying out my new 35mm lens with the lights on!  We are counting down the days until half term as we are already a little weary.  Also the last weekend in October is my second craft fair in Brighton.  Loving wearing my new winter coat (Navy with three buttons and waist detail), I cannot help when wearing it to pretend that I am a gallery owner!


  1. I love the way soft winter cloths make you feel so luxurious and different! Enjoy autumn, your new winter coat, being a gallery owner (you kind of are), and the Brighton craft fair!

  2. Love walking the streets when everyone has there lights turned on and their blinds not yet shut!
    Good luck with the craft fair. x

  3. That last photo is my kind of photo Dawn! Love the light, and the light!!


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